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Customizing the scroll bar and text input screen(s)

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I have a feeling that somewhere in the source code it is defined what colour the scrollbar (or items "untouched" by themes) have. Maybe it's possible to change this and recompile the release?

I thought the scrollbar colour is just set to the same colour as 'foreground colour"?

It's never been like that for me! Hmmm, any developer who knows?

The scrollbar color is the foreground color that the theme has set for the UI viewport (i.e. for the list). Themes can either pick a specific color (e.g. %Vf(000000)) or use the system-wide foreground color for that (%Vf(-)).

So this actually needs to be defined in order for the scrollbar to adopt the colour? In the theme i'm using now it says "%Vf(ededed)". (None of the themes i've used has the scrollbar been in the foreground colour.)


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