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Customizing the scroll bar and text input screen(s)

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Further down it says (000000), let's see if changing this to (-) does anything

You need to change it immediately after %Vi appears. Or, if the UI viewport is defined in the cfg file, it needs to be adjusted there. If no foreground color is explicitly defined for the UI viewport, it should use the global foreground color.

Unfortunately, as far as I'm aware, it is currently not possible to have the text color for the UI viewport be different from the scrollbar color.

Hmm, i understand. Thanks for the great info and resources, gonna look into it.


--- Quote from: illegalval on October 15, 2022, 03:34:25 PM ---So this actually needs to be defined in order for the scrollbar to adopt the colour? In the theme i'm using now it says "%Vf(ededed)". (None of the themes i've used has the scrollbar been in the foreground colour.)

--- End quote ---

Odd, that.  Whatever theme I pick the scrollbar takes the foreground colour that it sets.

It would, I presume, be possible to amend the underlying RB code to allow the possibility of setting a specific scrollbar colour, that would over-ride it taking the default foreground colour?  Would need some additional theme engine syntax, for either the cfg file or the wps/sbs file, I guess?  If anyone wanted that option badly enough.


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