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Customizing the scroll bar and text input screen(s)

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does someone know if it is possible to customize the appearance of the scrollbar in a theme? I wonder the same about text input screens, like when saving an eq preset, since on my Shanling Q1 these are very tedious to use, but maybe this is a general Rockbox limitation?


You can customize the width and location of the scroll bar in Theme Settings, Status/Scrollbar.

I use the Oscar theme but moved the scrollbar to the right and made it wider which works better for me.

'Text input you cannot change in settings.

The text input is somewhat tedious indeed. The Q1 is one of few touchscreen devices and the experience is less polished than devices with lots of buttons.

I'm aware of the scrollbar settings in the settings menu :) I was more wondering about if it's possible to change the look of the scrollbar (and keyboard) when making themes, since the scrollbar always looks the same, regardless of what theme I use.

Ok, I misread your question.

I thought there was a way to theme the scrollbar but I cannot find an example.

No, i searched for it too! Would be nice to give it a theme-appropriate colour  :D


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