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RockBox ipod Video/5.5 vs Ford Sync 2 (v3) or B&O BeoSound 8



Have an iPod Video 80gb upgraded with a 1tb SSD & 3A battery. Works great alone all week and in an MTX Speaker Dock. However, plugged into my Ford Edge with Sync 2 version 3 or a Bang & Olufsen BeoSound 8 it will not play or anything. Comes up in HID (set to Multimedia) mode and does not respond to taps. In ios mode it works in either case, but booted to RockBox (version: d4d233c31aM-201028) nothing. An ipod Touch 2nd Gen. 6gb works in the Ford & the B&O. I need RookBox to manage/play my collection which exceeds the Apple iTunes limit of 50-60k tracks. Is this something addressed in a newer build? Or, has anyone run into this and found a solution? 

There's no way to do digital output in rockbox, only analog. Try holding a button while inserting the player to the device so it doesn't go into USB mode. At that point you can play music and see if the device supports line out.


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