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Sansa e260 v1 - Only playing a few songs from directory, skipping others


This is a fresh install.

The mp3 files it plays sound great but I can't figure out why all the files don't play. They were ripped using the same settings and they all play on my laptop and smartphone without issue. There are 47 files in total and it only plays 13-15 of them. (I was just testing so I chose a few files for the internal drive on the device.)

Any ideas?

Something to do with embedded art?  Is there anything different about the cover art status of the playing and non-playing tracks?
Apart from that, no idea.  Just a RB user so don't know much - but I have the impression that can sometimes be a source of problems.
Is there not an option to turn off album art display entirely, in current RB versions.  Could experiment with that?


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