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Sansa Clip+ Homebutton - Resume playback


Hello, I own the Sansa Clip+ and just installed Rockbox yesterday.

First of all, thank you for your work in developing Rockbox - I've installed it to remap the up and down main screen keys to volume control since the volume down button on the side has stopped working and it does that perfectly.

However, I noticed one feature that startles me that I want to disable.  When I'm navigating the menu (any section, e.g. Settings, Files, Playback, etc.) while having paused the song I was listening to, if I press the home button to return to the song it automatically resumes. I really don't like this behavior as I tend to listen to music loudly and as I said, this startles me. Plus, when I press the home button to return to the song it's not really to listen to it, it's more to go to the songs menu through that song so that in the song list I'm at the position of the song - compared to when going through the "Files" menu option where you browse the songs from the beginning of the list.

I hope this makes sense and that there's a solution for this.


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