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sansa clip + "panic" after some minutes

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hi there

newest release 3.15 on my sansa but after playing some minutes the music freezes in a looooppppp and the player gets not reactive to buttons etc. till it shows

: *panic*  dc_writeback_callback () - could not write sector 436018 ( error - 24) #
pc: 3006ee6c sp: 3009a0i
bt end

not shure but kinda seems to be related to sd card (32 gb kingston canvas) ....though i tried various cards

have to longpress power then and at some point it restarts but so does the issue.. :(

i reset all settings already

help please

works fine without sd card. tried another sd card - exactly the same error!

use the dev build. 3.15 is ancient by now.

but i am using 3.15? i dont get your post

3.15 is not new, it is the latest official release but years old.

Try the latest development build instead. Many improvements were made since the last official release.


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