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When I create playlists on my computer, they're created with relative paths to the files on the iPod. Rockbox has no problem reading these playlists. However, when I add items to these playlists through RB, they are added with absolute paths (/ is added to the beginning). This makes reading the added items from my playlist editor impossible, since the paths no longer make sense. I have to convert every newly added track from the absolute to the relative format (just remove the /).

Is there a way to make RB add items relatively, because it can obviously read them. Or maybe there's a better way to edit playlists?

Of course I can edit these playlists fine on RB, but I'd love to edit them on my computer which is impossible with the absolute paths unless I convert all of them, which I've been doing so far.

I'm running 3f3b738e06. Example is here.

Computer-edited files above (relative), new RB items added below (absolute).

--- Quote ---Music/Media.localized/Music/Twice/Celebrate/04 Flow Like Waves.m4a
Music/Media.localized/Music/Twice/Celebrate/08 Just Be Yourself.m4a
/Music/Media.localized/Music/Rebecca/TIME/02 LONELY BUTTERFLY.mp3
/Music/Media.localized/Music/Rebecca/Poison/02 MOON.mp3
--- End quote ---


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