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Limit of %pn usage


I hope I'm not already wearing out my welcome in this forum, but I've bumped into another snag related to my attempts to modify the display of list titles.

It seems that the only context in which %pn returns anything is when the current screen is the WPS and the song that is currently playing was initiated from a playlist in the Playlist Catalog.  That is more limited than I expected.  For instance, I was hoping to be able to display the name of a playlist in the Playlist Catalog browser when that playlist's songs are listed [%cs = 5], and also in the Playlist submenus that are accessed from the WPS's Playlist Context Menu.

Perhaps there are reasons why %pn would not be appropriate in those other contexts?

My mistake - I was wrong about this.  %pn does indeed pervasively return the name of the current playlist.  It was (and still is) my lack of understanding about how and when list titles get drawn that is the cause of my confusion.


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