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problem drawing scrolling list titles with %Lt

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--- Quote from: Frankenpod on October 01, 2022, 11:29:35 AM ---That sounds very similar (possibly the same underlying bug?) to the bug I encountered when venturing into the less-documented depths of the theme engine (with the not entirely-successfully experiment with using icons - I've kind of given up on that as encountered too many bugs).  A fully customised sub-menu seemed to lead to menu entries 'smearing' when scrolled in a way exactly as described here.  Perhaps this fix means that is also fixed?  The case of %Lt mentioned here seems like a much simpler way to reproduce the problem.

(Incidentally, the biggest problem with using icons for the menus turns out to be that when any subsequent change to rockbox changes the number or order of menu items, the icons get all out of sync, requiring a rewrite of the theme)

--- End quote ---

Yep, turns out it had nothing to do with %Lt, it was a bug in the %Vs(color) tag. You could even reproduce it in the cabbiev2 WPS by adding %Vs(color) to the track info viewport.


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