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MacOS RB Utility v1.5.1 Reported As 1.5.0


There is an incorrect version value in the DMG as shown by using Get Info.   It's reported as 1.5.0 thought the download file is 1.5.1.   Please fix as upon RB Utility Start Up it requests that I update to 1.5.1.   


I've just "joined the RockBox community" and can confirm that this still is an issue.
the download at
still contains version 1.5.0 with the build (?) date Tuesday, 19 April 2022 at 5:19 am
Is there actually a v1.5.1 for Mac available ?

I would like to be on the latest version of RockBox Utility if possible ?



Still an issue. I installed the newest Rockbox, from a .dmg that is labeled as v1.5.1, but the Get Info on the app itself shows 1.5.0, and the app pops up a report saying a new version is available.

Not much of an issue, as 1.5.0 seems to work ok.


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