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Any suggestions for a player for visually impaired?


50+ years ago I was taught maths by an inspiring teacher and it set me up for life. He's now in his 80s and losing his sight with macular degeneration. We've stayed in touch over the years, I've helped him with a few things electronic. He's keen on old jazz (1920 etc) and another friend is feeding him CDs from that era that he's not come across. I bought a Sansa Clip+, put Rockbox on it (that went like a charm, thanks to the devs), and loaded a few artists/tracks with voice support and voice announcement. He's delighted at the possibilities this brings, but the Clip is just too small.

I'd say he needs a player some 80mm x 50mm (3½" x 2") with tactile buttons, and a SD card so I can rip his CDs and add them gradually. I live some distance away and much of this will be done by posting cards for a sighted friend to insert for him. I've searched ebay, amazon  .uk for that sort of player that's in the stable or unstable list (with enough functionality) and not found anything. Have I missed something?

The alternative is to pull something like a Clip apart, refit it in a larger case and wire buttons in parallel with the originals.

Any thoughts welcome. I've searched these forums and not found anything


As for the size you mentioned the Sandisk e200 and c200 are close, with the e200 being slightly bigger, and both have an microSD slot. Since you mention a sighted friend: if you want something even bigger you could go for an Ipod, but then you loose the SD card capability and your friend would need to copy the files.

Thanks for your quick reply.

The SD card is important. His sighted friend isn't "technical", and whilst she would be able to swap cards, copying files and adding the voice announcements would be asking too much.

Having said that, a pair of iPods posted between us would work. I will go and look at them, I've never been a user of portable music players.



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