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n00b UISimulator question


Hello all,

I am attempting to make a standalone application for Windows 10 using Ubuntu (Windows Subsystem for Linux). 

I'm a bit confused what SDL is (sorry, I have read all that I could find on the subject). I want to run rockbox with a custom .rock file in Windows.  Should I be choosing an mp3 player (like Sansa C200), then Simulator, and Win32?  Or should I be choosing SDL?  I'm not sure I understand the difference between Simulator and SDL..

Sorry for being a dummy thanks for any help!

What exactly do you want to do? Do you want a standalone application that boots Rockbox and runs a plugin on startup? That’s what the SDL target is for. (It compiles an executable that uses the SDL library to create windows, etc.) Or do you want a full simulator that mocks up the appearance of an actual device?

thanks for your reply, i was hoping to run a standalone application that boots rockbox.  your reply helped me understand the difference.  that said, my plugin seems to crash in the SDL so maybe memory management or something is different, long story short, i will have to play around some more. 

thanks again


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