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Firmware MP4 Supertalent VIDEGO30


Hello to all the community, I would like to know if anyone by any chance has the firmware of the MP4 PMP Series Supertalent 8 GB Vidego30, PMP/3003B8(Blue-8GB) is a Rockchip RK2706.
Friends I would like to know although it is a very old topic, I have a supertalent vidego30 rk2706 mp4, I was looking for firmware but I can't find the right one, I found some v2.19 that show a screen but only 2 buttons work and it doesn't recognize the battery. I have seen that you worked with the code of these firmware and you modified important parts of the boot and others, well I wanted to know if it is possible to change the configuration of buttons so that the firmware that I found recognizes all the keys and also importantly recognizes the duration and load of the battery, since there is a firmware that only recognizes a button but it does recognize the battery and there is another firmware that recognizes 2 buttons but does not recognize the battery. I was seeing that in the SDK files rk27sdk_0722 there is a part in system driver and several drivers appear, I guess, but I don't know how they are modified. It is possible to configure the button controllers and the battery life or recognition so that the low voltage message does not appear and it shuts down. So to know if you know something about that and can help me. I thank everyone who can provide some information to solve the case. Thanks.

Main board, screen and flex:
CARASION  CR3005TFV3.3      20080904


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