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Iriver H120 - hard drive gone - can i still do the CF mod and install Rockbox?


Hello,  I just found my old iriver H120 and tried to boot it up and it failed on the checking HDD.  and then it went to connected to computer even though it wasn't connected. i'm assuming the hard drive is gone.   

i was hoping to bring this device back to life with a large CF or a large SD card and use rock box.   i remember using this as a kid to record live concerts and if anything i might want to  try to use this as a solid state recorder again. 

but witha  busted HDD am i out of luck?   i was looking to replace the battery too, but i found a lot of dead links for the battery as well. 

any help here? 


Found my answer..  which unfortunately didn't come up the first time I searched for this.. and I for some reason could post on the original thread to thank them..

But if someone has the same issue as me in searching here is the link..,52424.0.html


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