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Creating a playlist for Rockbox on an iPod.


I have an iPod Video with a 375 GB SSD, with Rockbox.

Is it easier to:
1)  Create a playlist in Windows, then put it on the iPod so Rockbox can understand it?
2)  Create the playlist within Rockbox itself?

If it's easier to create the playlist in Windows, what's easier, using iTunes, or WinAmp?

Can someone explain the full steps required to do either one, whatever's easier?

I would do it on your PC.  Provided you point your software at the files on the player and then save as M3U directly to the player, most software should do the right thing I think. 

Usually where people get into trouble is making playlist of files on their PC and then trying to use them on their device (while the playlist is still pointing to some folder on their PC that doesn't exist on the player).

What software to make the M3U should I use?  And how can I make sure it's looking at the files on the player?

What's a good software to make M3Us that can read files on an iPod Video (with a SSD)?

Yes, I don't want to make the mistake in your last sentence.  I'm trying to avoid that.


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