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Ipod 5.5 / iFlash sata V10 / Transcend 430S 256gb issues

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--- Quote from: dedero on December 06, 2022, 11:13:32 AM ---Would be awesome! thank you very much!

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Please grab the latest dev build for your iPod from and let me know what happens.

Thank you very much for the info, I installed it few hours ago and so far everything is going great, I loaded the music using the original firmware and disabled directory cache and it's very stable now without any issues.

I'll keep using it and testing and give you a message if something brakes.

Thanks a lot for your efforts!

Given that data writes are what were triggering problems, it would be helpful if you could try out copying stuff to the drive from within rockbox, and generally doing things that trigger writes.

Thanks, I've tried writing actions and now the error came back.. I tried restore the ipod with itunes, install rockbox, copy the music in the OF and the same, it triggered the error back again now it got back to the original state like before the fix

Thanks for the hints


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