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Ipod 5.5 / iFlash sata V10 / Transcend 430S 256gb issues

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Hey there,

I'm a very happy user of Rockbox in Clip+ and Clip zip and I'm very glad developers keep mantaining it, hats off!

Now I want to suffer a bit and few days ago I bought a broken Ipod 5.5 and I installed an iFlash sata V10 (the one for M.2 drives) with a Trascend M.2 256gb disk and 70% of the times I use it, I get

PANIC - dc_writeback_callback - Could not write in sector 19 2784 (error -53)

I've tried to turn off directory cache as this workaround suggests,53166.msg245605.html#msg245605 the things got much better, this error happened only 30% of the times I use it, however every time I reboot the Ipod or shut it down, the directory cache is activated again so the error comes back, any hint what I'm doing wrong here? is there a way to turn directory cache off permanently?

- I use the latest daily build from September 2022
- The iFlash with the Trascend disk works perfectly in the original firmware, I could sync almost the whole 238gb of the disk with no problems except of the heat which is not bad.

Did I bought the wrong iFlash combination? do you suggest replacing it with a SDXC solution?

I would like to make Rockbox work otherwise I would need to convert my whole FLAC collection to ALAC and I would like to avoid that.

Any suggestions is welcome!


Please go into the system/debug menu and dump the ATA info.  It creates a txt file on the drive.  Hopefully with that we can figure out if something needs to be done differently.

Hi, thank you!

I dump the ATA info but I got a binary instead, I didn't see any other option related to ATA info, and I keep getting the binary, I hope it helps


Thanks for generating the dump!  Based on that we should be properly detecting the mSATA thing as an SSD.

BTW, I now have one of these ipods and the v10 msata adapter, along with a generic Chinesium mSATA SSD. I need to take everything apart to do the swap (which won't happen for a few days at least) but once that's done I expect I'll be able to recreate this problem pretty easily, and hopefully figure out a way to resolve it.

Would be awesome! thank you very much!


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