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Is there anyone who owns a Olympus m:robe MR-100 5gb player? Please help

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Hooray, finally, no error notifications!  :) I made a mistake with the root directory folder "rockbox", and I only realized it now, so I corrected it, started the installation from scratch, and everything went smoothly. "No .rockbox directory" and "Installation incomplete" errors are gone. Everything loads up fine. I even added some themes to try out. So, now... how to transfer mp3 music from my PC?  ;D I suppose via the Rockbox Utility, or... ?


--- Quote from: manojla on September 11, 2022, 10:15:23 AM ---I downloaded all the official installation files that were listed, wanted to try them out, but not much luck. When I click the installation icon, it loads the installations screen for a second, and then it dissapears, and then after a while it shows this. I tried it on Win10 and Win7 systems... I also use WinXP but didn't try it there... this happens with all the firmware related setup files...
--- End quote ---

Don't install the exe file. Use 7zip to extract it. It contains a folder "SYSTEM", which is the system folder on the player. You can simply copy it to the player and have the original firmware install back.

Since you figured it in between just a note on your 4th picture: The Rockbox bootloader can load the original firmware, which is renamed to OF.mi4 when installing with Rockbox Utility. You triggered loading the Original Firmware, but since that file doesn't exist it fails. You're holding the Power button for too long on power up:

See also the manual:
Transferring music is not done with Rockbox Utility -- that's purely for installation and managing the installation. Use any tool you like to sync your files: Windows Explorer, Media Monkey, or whatever tool you're using to manage your music. The player is simply an external drive, so you can put them on it any way you like.

Edit: There seems to be an issue with the current HTML manual (it's broken off at some point), but you can look at the pdf for the 3.15 release instead:

I made it!  :) Your instructions cleared everything up for me. I managed to install the firmware, I didn't know that the file had to be extracted. Rockbox is installed and everything works great. I transferred the music via Windows Explorer, just as I transfer the material to a USB storage drive. Thank you once again, without you I would not have been able to do anything, you helped me to solve a situation that I thought was hopeless, now I will use this excellent player and enjoy it. Cheers!  :)


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