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H320: ATA Error -31 after switch to CF/SD-Mod


I spent the last few days converting my H320 to SD card by installing a CF adapter including SD adapter. At first everything seemed to work as well, until the ATA error -31 appeared sporadically. At first this happened only once in a while. In the meantime I have the problem permanently. Even when switching to the original hard drive, this error now appears. The hard disk is accessible via USB. However, both Rockbox and the OF report that they cannot access the disk. I suspect I damaged something during installation or when closing the case. Feels like a loose contact.

Have you guys had this problem before? I am a little afraid that I bricked the H320 :(

Does anyone happen to have an old H340 that they no longer need? I am on the lookout for a replacement ;)

HEy ben,

I had several problems with my H340 when using a SanDisk 400GB micro sd card in a CF to micro SD adapter card (looks exactly like this one shown here

At some point I experienced something similar what you describe. In addition I found all my files on the sd card corrupted.

Just yesterday I spend more time to investigated what could be the problem and came across the following facts:

There are CF to SD adapters out there that support only up to 128 GB sd cards (LBA28). That is because of LBA that exists in different versions (

Only CF to SD Adapters that are compatible with LBA48 can work with more than 128 GB of space.

Currently my CF to SD adapter is named as FC-1307 SD to CF Ada USB Device in the Windows Device Manager. I have many more of those adapters but they are all the same type and not suited to work with SD cards larger than 128 GB.

The only thing that helped me, was to format the disk anew with FAT32...

Let us know if that helped you?


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