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Ratings Being Exported as .m3u


I think it would be cool if song ratings could be exported by each "star level" as a .m3u. As of now, it's kind of a pain to go through each star and add each song manually to a traditional playlist.

I don't have any of the skill to implement this, so I just thought I'd put it out there.

I think that scenario is basically a special case of the more general functionality to add arbitrary selections from the database to new or existing playlists, instead of being able to only add single tracks.

It’s something I was interested in as well and created a patch for (#4562 on Gerrit). It‘s fairly simple and, in my own testing, already works as expected but I’ve marked it WIP because, depending on the item you’ve selected, the patch may currently suggest a playlist name containing illegal characters (from the file system‘s perspective), that should probably be removed automatically. I‘ll try to update it soon so it can be considered to be merged into the main branch.


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