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New idea for Rockbox Game


Okay so some of you may know about a series called rhythm heaven/paradise/tengoku but I was thinking what about porting one lf the mini games onto a ipod and making a infinite version well munchy monk it’s literally perfect and I aswell as many other would enjoy it I do have a badly pulled together concept but that’s about it I would’ve liked to make it myself but I don’t have the skills for a project like this I would appreciate if someone could possibly make/commission this idea thanks

Rather than trying to port a game (idk what copyright issues you're gonna run into and what ToS you're breaking but seems problematic unless you like do a patch or something but then its required the gamer has the legally obtained ROM) you should just make something from scratch.

Also you could try and look at a mobile game called "tunes piano" where you can download an MIDI file and it turns it into a beat game it sparked my interest and I've been wanting to make a game like that but haven't had the time to look into it and whatever algorithm they used

Anyway best  of luck to you, I currently don't have the time to work on such a project maybe someone else will take interest...

we have lua and a few games written in it and a bunch of other simple example apps too

if you need speed we have 'C'


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