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a friend of mine built an macOS app for me, because I had an issue when transfering Itunes Playlists from Mac to Rockbox.

Songs containing special characters like é,ä,ô etc were skipped, because macOS utilizes a different UTF-8 than rockbox.

This app formats to the rockbox UTF-8 and also includes a simple find and replace to match file paths.



I listen to mostly Classical Music these days, and that means lots of diacriticals in track names, artist names, album names, composer names, etc.  So I have been searching for a solution to this problem for the better part of a year, including posting about it here last December.  My only solution, until tonight, was to manually edit the copies of my macOS iTunes created playlists from within Rockbox - obviously extremely tedious - so I have made only a very few playlists that contain diacriticals.  Now I am free of that limitation.  Thank you so much.

Out of curiosity, and also hope, I tried running an m3u playlist through your app, but when I clicked on the 'Convert' button it didn't do anything.  So I changed the playlist file's extension from .m3u to .m3u8 and tried again, and it worked!  So that is a big bonus.

The pathname Find and Replace is also great, although I have easily dealt with that up until now by using a macOS app called TextMate which has a batch Find and Replace that allows the user to select a folder.  But combining the diacriticals correction and pathname correction into a single step is a great convenience.

Again, thank you very much for providing this great service.

I should have specifically stated that before I tried using your app with a .m3u file, I first tried and succeeded with a .m3u8 file.


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