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WPS troubles involving peak meter and images


I've been trying my hand at editing the iCatcher WPS to my liking.  I'm trying to replace the next song info with a peak meter.  I can do this by replacing the line containing the next track info tags with the tag for the peak meter "%pm".  However, when I do this, none of the images are displayed, such as the volume indicator, play indicator and batter indicator.  The peak meter is displayed, just no images.

What am I doing wrong?

Strange, I tried it and it works just fine for me.

It is now working.  I actually made a copy of the .wps file and made the change.  I bet what happened is that the directory containing the bitmap files was no longer correct since I changed the name of the .wps file. 

I've now got the iCatcher WPS with the date and genre added and the next song info replaced by a peak meter.  Exactly what I wanted.   ;D  Thanks to the iCatcher designer and rockbox developers of course!


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