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Option to Launch shortcuts instead of WPS context menu

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I use rockbox on an ipod classic and would find it useful if I could launch shortcuts instead of the WPS context menu when holding select.

I use quickscreen to adjust my bass and preamp on and song to song basis. I use shortcuts to turn the eq on/off, shuffle, repeat, sleep. It would be nice if I could launch shortcuts instead of the WPS context menu. Or if shortcuts was at the top of the WPS context menu. Or if it was possible to edit the WPS context menu.

Not a big deal. Rockbox is amazing.

On second thought i like the context menu as it is. Instead it would be nice if there was an option for the WPS hotkey to open shortcuts.

Would it help if you could long press „Select“ to go fron the QuickScreen to the Shortcuts Menu? I have a patch for that and have really come to enjoy that behavior on my own devices. Just haven‘t gotten around to putting the finishing touches on it (adding documentation and all of the keymaps), so it can be considered for release.

Yes that would be great!

I found the patch and am currently working on applying it to the source code and compiling. But I had a thought. Is it possible to add quickscreen to shortcuts.txt?


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