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Surfans F20 w/ v2.7 firmware: Clarification on state of support?

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Wow, thanks for the quick response! :)
When I boot the F20 (firmware 2.7) I do NOT get the screen giving me a choice to load RockBox. I'm pretty sure it hasn't successfully loaded the boot-loader, my reasoning
is when I load the .upt file using the RockBox utility it closes the program after I select the file to load after prompting for original firmware. I am attempting to use the
F20-v27-patched.upt file from the download page. I do not have the original firmware file and can't seem to find a link for it anywhere including the Surfans site/google drive.
Perhaps my "google fu" has grown weak? I'm guessing it can be loaded as I've seen posts saying people have successfully loaded it. I'm thinking about trying to use jztool
to flash the boot-loader, worried about bricking my device :( And not having the original firmware on hand is very troubling as well. Any suggestions?

Thanks again for the response!!!

Have you tried manually installing the .upt file? These are the relevant instructions from the wiki:

* Rename the patched firmware file to update.upt and place it into the root directory of the SD card.
* Grab the latest daily build for the player and unzip it into the root directory of the SD card.
* Go into the settings menu and select firmware update.
* Upon reboot, select rockbox from the initial menu.

Argh!!! Just what I needed!! Forgot to rename file to update.upt. I feel soooo stoopid  ::) Now I just need to figure out how to change the font so I don't need a magnifier to read, lol!!!

Thank you so very much!!!

Glad you got it sorted out! In case you haven't found it already, the font size can be changed by going to Settings --> Theme --> Font.

For some reason I couldn't install the fonts through RockBox utility (error about not enough space) so I downloaded and extracted to my computer and transferred to F20.
All good now!!! Thanks again dconrad and amachronic!!  ;)


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