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Any way to get the GUI theme editor?

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I'd like to give creating some themes a shot, i recently got gifted an iPod Classic 6th gen, and i usually am decent when it comes to design and whatnot.

My current issue now is that i just can't find a GUI editor.

There was historically a GUI editor, but it hasn't been maintained in about 10 years, so no GUI option. 

I see. Well, it's a shame!

Thanks for the reply, have a great day/night!

This may have been the theme editor:

But, as was said, it hasn't been maintained. It also looks like it would need to be compiled unless there's an existing binary out there on the internet you can try taking a crack at.

I'm curious to create a theme or two myself so I may look into it further but will settle for having to edit .wps files in a text editor.

I have an older binary available here:

It does build and can handle themes, though I don't know how usable it is with the theme syntax changes done in the last couple of years. The (outdated) wiki page:

Also, the real location is in the Rockbox repository here:


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