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I can't transfer a recording from my Sansa


I recently installed rockbox on a SanDisk Sansa I found in the closet a few months ago and I made a very large recording, almost 2 hours. When I try to transfer it to my computer, the player kicks itself out of my file system halfway through the process and I have to hard reset it. When I reconnect it and resume the transfer, the transfer rate graph goes all the way down and it finishes instantly. When I try to play the file that ends up on my computer, it stops at 1:10:46.
This has never happened before when trying to transfer the recordings but I think the problem might be because of the size of the file (665,561 KB). Is there any way to split it into two or more files?
It annoys me to see the recording in my database because it isn't music and when I try to shuffle it comes up sometimes and I have to stop what I'm doing to skip it.
How do I get it off of the device?

I know there's a setting option to split the file after a certain amount of time or after it hits a certain file size but I want to know if there's a way to do it afterwards.

you could use lua to write a script to do so but no nothing inbuilt I don't think

probably a bad spot in the player flash kicking it out

use linux or a linux live cd instead of windows and it might Just Work [TM]

Otherwise I or someone else can help you in IRC (might have to wait a day or two don't expect instant response)
on extracting it from the player using dd (dd is dangerous so you have been warned in case you get impatient)

I could play it with a recording software running in the background and then just save that one but I don't really want to do that since it would take almost 2 hours since I would have to play it back completely.
I'll try to find a linux conputer that I might have somewhere. Would using a VM work?

Yes a Linux vm should work


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