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show me the database building process please so I know it's actually happening


hi, im on the latest of what feels like a long lifetime consisting of far too many attempts at running Rockbox on a modded 5.5G iPod.   

tl;dr version : How do I get the database building process ("Update Now") when new files are loaded to actually display on screen so I can verify it is indeed happening (as opposed to the non-verifiable "Updating in background")?   The database does not seem to be "updating in background" at all, in that time passes and the (meta)database does not update despite the files being fully accessible and playable through "Menu/Files".  The database building process does NOT display on screen when Menu/Database is selected (it just displays the previous database without the new files).

long version : Previously whenever i had loaded new files onto such a device, I had got Rockbox to load any new files loaded onto the device into the Rockbox database by going into "Select directories to scan" on Settings/General/Database, deselecting the main folder containing both the subfolders which were there previously and the new folder, then reselecting the main folder, upon which exiting would ask me to load the database (and/or "updating in background" or whatever).  Then, if you immediately then tried to select "Database" on the main menu (to load the database) it would show the database building process before showing you the new updated database on completion.   However, this time it is not doing this.   It is simply showing the old database (which we will call Batch 1).   The new files (the ones that I can't get to load into the database, which we will call Batch 2) are successfully loaded onto the device, are in exactly the same file format and general folder structure as Batch 1, and are playable in Rockbox with fully displayed metadata through the file browser alongside the Batch 1 files which are in the database.   How do I get Batch 2 to just load into the goddamn database.  It was my understanding previously that on the Settings/General/Database menu if you hit "Initialize Now", "Update Now", or did the thing I mentioned with "Select directories to scan", the process that the software indicates is starting with "Updating in background" when you then exit the Settings/General/Database menu was then foregrounded when you go to Main Menu/Database with a display of the count of the files being indexed or a "Committing database [x/x]" or whatever other stages there are there.   However, this doesn't appear to be happening.  Is the process of indexing Batch 1 +  Batch 2 together anew not being foregrounded (it was when I tried it with Batch 1, and with all other batches on all previous iPods I've tried Rockbox on) still happening in the background, or is it just not happening at all.   If it's the former, happening in the background, a) it appears to be taking far far longer than it both should and than it did when loading Batch 1, and b) I would really very much like to see what exactly it's doing, not so much to see how close to completion it is (which would be nice all the same), but to see if it has decided to freeze mid-process as Rockbox very often tends to do whenever it finds things like a filename that's too long, a filename that's too short, a folder that has too many files in it, a folder that has too few files in it, a folder that has too many subfolders, a folder that has too few subfolders, or a special character it can't turn into an ugly little box. 

Cheers, Jamie

Does Debug->View Database Info show anything?

Take your current db files (.tcd) files move them to a separate folder then build the database you should be able to click on the database and get progress


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