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New cheap portable player in the market

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In the long term, this device might be interesting:

Price about 40 bucks. Based on ESP32-S3.

It's not very powerful, but this is only a question of time... It could also be extended to have an audio jack, because there already is a DAC included... Touchscreen contols, decent form factor.

for references

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snipey 发表于 2023-8-16 03:42

Question for chip support
Is there any support for the following chip? If not, is it possible for me to add the chip manually some how?

It appears to be by spektek; here were the product specs I found.

It is a 16GB SD card with two of these chips and a microcontroller (So 2x8GB cards).

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A strategy to emulate NOR flash with NAND flash
This paper quotes "Spectek. 2007. FNNM40A 16Gb NAND Flash memory data sheet."

Great discussions, insights, and information you have all provided above.
Seems like this thread lost momentum over the uncertainty and variability of the hardware inside various brands/models/iterations of the media players.
So I just wanted to point out, there exists a HUGE and consistent supply of complete finished devices, in new condition, which are ALWAYS powered by a Spreadtrum SC6531
 along with 4MB of RAM. You DO NOT need to order large quantities, you can buy just one, no problem.

They are CHEAP. They regularly go on sale for less than seven USD shipped, and their usual retail price is still under ten dollars shipped. Another good news: they even have
REMOVABLE rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries.

They are LEGIT, and readily available on Aliexpress. Furthermore, they're "Choice" items, meaning they're ready for immediate shipment, and will therefore arrive much faster. 
The catch is, they come in the form of a feature phone.

Yes, I'm talking about the 2G GSM phones. Typically they look like the kind of candy bar style Nokia handsets you may remember from the 2000's. Probably not the most attractive,
 nor very light, nor so small. But acceptable, super durable, and portable enough IMO.
I've bought a few of those before, set them up and given them away as FM radios. They were some of the cheapest FM radios I could find which came with a stereo 3.5mm
output jack and a rechargeable (800 to 1800 mAh) Li-ion battery that is actually managed by a proper power management unit.

I myself have been using Rockbox on a Sansa clip+, now with its battery health in decline. My search for the next Rockbox player has led me here.

One example: MKTEL OYE 3 - $6.22 sale price for the Red color (there's an Aliexpress "anniversary sale" going on now through March 27, 2024)
(save another 2% using Aliexpress coins) = $6.10

(Spreadtrum SC6531EFM), 1800 mAh battery. Rubberized plastic back plate. The main body looks and feels like ABS plastic. Large quantities (1200+ units available as of this writing, and they do get replenished regularly) between the 3 different colors

You might get them for even less if it's offered to you as part of a personalized "Super Deals" on the homepage (search for it, add to cart, show some interest in the item etc., and eventually the algorithm might offer it to you). If you're new to Aliexpress, they may be bought as a "Welcome Deal" for as low as $1.24 (or about five dollars off). If you miss the anniversary sale, being Choice items, they'll be on sale again at the beginning of every month.

I never opened up the devices physically, but dialed the "secret" code below and it reported SC6531.

#*8378#4# (#*test#4#) - uptime/charge/IMEI/chipset information


The same seller (Desoon) also has MKTEL M2023 with a smaller (but not that much more portable) 800 mAh battery, for around the same price, in large quantities (1600+ units available). M2023 also reported the identical string for its chip type as OYE 3.

I have no affiliation with Aliexpress/Mktel/Desoon, other than having bought from them before. They just seem widely available on Aliexpress. There are also other brands such as PLUZZ and more, although it's probably wise to stick with the most available brand/model for consistency.


Another way to look at it: 2G feature phones must have sold in the hundreds of millions by now globally. It's ancient technology, to be honest. By market share, MediaTek and Spreadtrum/Unisoc appear to have a strong duopoly when it comes to 2G handset SoC. MediaTek MT626x family are ARM7, and Spreadtrum SC6531x family are ARM926EJ-S. These phones usually advertise either 32 "Mb" or "mb" or "MB" of RAM and ROM, more likely than not, it's the small b for bits, not Bytes. (32Mb = 4MB).
The mp4 players at the start of this thread may have been Shenzhen's attempt to leverage existing/surplus feature phone parts into creating newer sleeker media players based on the same 1.77 inch screen. Unfortunately their components were all over the place. I just thought it's probably worthwhile to target the phones themselves instead, given how abundant/available/affordable they are.

Thank you!


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