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New cheap portable player in the market

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--- Quote from: speachy on May 15, 2023, 01:58:12 PM ---
--- Quote from: llnx1 on May 15, 2023, 08:04:23 AM ---I believe this device must have something like cortex A7 and at least 32 / 64mb ram for run Game Boy Advance, what should be enough to run Rockbox port

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I'd be shocked if it didn't have the hardware specs to run rockbox quite well, but the lack of a dedicated 3.5mm headphone jack is concerning.  It's also not clear if there's expandable storage (they didn't show one side of the device at all, so there _could_ be an SD slot there...) but it looks like a really nice form factor, and the guessimated price point (~$40) is pretty nice too.

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Apparently it will be a Funkey S clone by Anbernic which have a internal SD slot, a SOC is a v3s (not k3s) and bad side is a lack of p2 port (need a USB C > P2)

For 40~45 dollars and being easy to sell (Aliexpress) I believe it is a good option to develop a port, let's stay tuned when it launches

great find guys! looking forward to reading this thread as more info comes out!


--- Quote from: llnx1 on May 15, 2023, 03:58:20 PM ---Apparently it will be a Funkey S clone by Anbernic which have a internal SD slot, a SOC is a v3s (not k3s) and bad side is a lack of p2 port (need a USB C > P2)

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If I could wave a wand and build a "just for rockbox" player, I'd pick the S3 as its SoC -- It's essentially the V3s with double the RAM (ie 128MB) but in a much smaller BGA package.


--- Quote from: meyertime on April 22, 2023, 04:18:01 PM ---The remaining unknown is the Shenju Jointbees chip, but I'm pretty sure it's an Actions clone.  It has the same form factor, and their site does list a similar chip with only 216 Kb RAM

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The firmware for the chip is definitely different from Actions. My player enters some kind of upgrade (boot ROM?) mode if VOL (down) is held on reset: enumerates as mass storage VID_301A&PID_2800 and seems to accept C0 00, C0 03..06 vendor-specific commands (only managed to get a CSW back yet); IsActionsFirmware (CC) stalls the endpoint instead.
The company itself seems closely tied to Zhuhai Smartlink Technology Co., Ltd. as they use their USB Vendor ID and website looks almost the same. There's front page excerpts for the datasheets in English in the News section but sadly no other new information. They boast OTA function for the TWS headphone chipsets, I'm currently trying to locate an app responsible to pull some firmware out maybe.


the anbernic is super beefy in specs but also expensive! still worth rockboxing imo i would buy one!


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