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New cheap portable player in the market

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Around 12$

You can find it by "portable mp4 player student". Brandless.

It supports mp4 video (real mp4, h264 and aac, without conversion, up to 320x240).
It has a screen of 1.77" (160x128 pixels).
It has Bluetooth (not only audio, it can send/receive files too).

I dont have a clue about the manufacturer or the SoC used, so even less about if someday Rockbox could run on it, but it would be great due to his very low price. I think the hardware must be powerful enough if it can play mp4 videos (unlike another brandless portable players that doesnt support real mp4 video).

The very little information I achieved to get was:
SoC: The chip has the next data printed:

The USB data when you connect to PC is:
idVendor           0x1782 Spreadtrum Communications Inc.
idProduct          0x4d01
bcdDevice            0.01
iManufacturer           1 Spreadtrum
iProduct                2 Generic Disk1.0

When you start it, the clock is set to 2021/01/01, so must be a new device.

The box where it come from is very like a BenJie devices clone, it has printed "Audio Play-er" in different colors than BenJie boxes but similar design.

Someone has more information about it?

Best regards.

The features of the stock firmware aren't too important. Instead it mostly comes down to what CPU it's using and how much RAM there is. Do you have pictures of the board or a firmware file?

  a link and or a picture of the device would help too

This is the device:

Almost every brandless portable player that I've seen with 160x128 lcd was using Actions Semiconductor SoC, but this is different. And certainly is not a Actions SoC because it can play real h264/mp4 videos (Actions based players uses MJPEG to play videos).

Unlike others devices, this is multitask, it allows to read txt/view jpg/play snake game while you are listening music (mp3/aac format), so I guess must be faster than other brandless similar devices.

By the USB interface info, the manufacturer could be UNISOC (former Spreadtrum Communications).

But I didn't find what is the SoC.
I got some news.

Definitely it's a UNISOC Spreadtrum device.

Firstly I put the exact title string of the device name here, because if someone google it the name searching info, this thread can be reached:
Aliexpress: Music Players Student Bluetooth-compatible E-book Sport Video MP3 MP4 Radio Support Replacement for Windows XP/VISTA/Windows 8
Walmart: Portable Music Players Student Bluetooth\-compatible E\-book MP3 MP4 Black Without TF Card
I searched for feature phones using old Spreadtrum SoC chipset processors, one of most sold was: SC6531 - ARM 9 processor 312 Mhz and 32 MB RAM.
I found some feature phones that use it with 128x160 pixels lcd, and the GUI of snake game and FM radio is the same than in this portable mp4 player.
That means nothing, because obviously portable player must use another SoC without GSM communications, but at least, it's some little clue of what kind of device is.
The Operating System used by those devices is called MOCOR (but there are several versions, absolutely differents between them).

Then I tried to get information about how to read the firmware of UNISOC Spreadtrum devices.
And I found this very useful url:
Warning: Use only as source of information and DON'T use the software of that web with this portable player, because you can brick it, it's not designed for this device, and you can lock it even only trying to read the firmware.

The previous url explains how to access generically to firmware of UNISOC devices (usually phones).
You must plug USB and you must hold pressed some key (different in every device) when you start the device, and if you are doing correct, you will get the device USB with the next ID 1782:4d00.
0x4d00 is the ID of special USB mode in the device when enter to access/modify firmware. (in a normal file transfer usb mode, this device has 0x4d01 usb id).
I got the key in the portable player, it's the UP (M) button. You hold that button, and click in the RESET hole (right lateral of portable player) and the device will reset in that firmware access mode.

Well, that's all until now. I almost blocked my device doing tests, but finally I got recover it  ;D.

If I get some more information I will post in this thread, but until now, the open source tools that I found are not suitable to get the firmware of this device.

Open source tools for access firmware of anothers UNISOC devices (DONT use with this portable player, it wont work and you can brick it, only I put here as source of information of how works similar devices):

pmp4 nice progress  8)

Friendly warning about walmart third party sellers

WM gives no fucks about third party sellers on their platform nor any fraud that takes place buyer beware

I ordered two of these from ebay looks to be the same device

Update in a week


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