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M: Robe 500i hangs on white screen when try to boot Rockbox

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Hi developer,

I followed the instruction on wiki with well tested method a to boot rockbox with the latest build, but the screen hangs at below code:
Rockbox boot loader
Version r20941 :20942M-090516
Loading firmware
Lenght: D6520
Checksum: 5282085
Model name: m500
Loading rockbox.mrobe500
Sum: 5282085

Could anyone give some suggestion on it? I'm not sure the issue was caused by which part. Is the cracked firmware? modified SVG file? bootloader? Or rockbox build itself.
Thanks for your help!

I also had problems with recent builds. There must be something broken. A discussion on IRC couldn't help to find the problem. An old build worked. I'll have a look which one it is and will share it.

Hi cereal_killer,
Thanks for the information you will provide. It's a good news to all players who own M:robe 500i.
Waiting for your tested work build. Thanks again : )

I had a look and found an old but working rockbox build on my mRobe. I uploaded the content of the player containing the build and the system files here: (use at your own risk).

Thank you for you help!
The build is works well as expected. But sometimes the screen cannot be activated while the background music is still in playing status. In that situation, the background light is dimmed completely. The phenomenon will occur randomly even if I have disabled the sleeping function. Have you encountered the same issue?


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