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I know this is a long shot I would love to be able to change the commands sent by my device in USB keypad mode or add more profiles with different commands than the ones baked in. If this is already possible, I apologize, but I couldn't find any info on how to do this online. I would love to be proven wrong but if I'm not this feature would be incredibly useful.

Not that I really understand any of it, but it sounds as if that's what this patch was about

I really don't know anything about it, but it stuck in my mind because it sounds like something that could potentially be a vector for malware!

hmm, I could see how malware may be a concern, but no more than plugging in a phone to a pc. I was just thinking brightness controls using a scroll wheel and an alt f4 shortcut or something. ill take a look at the link you provided

I don't see how this is a vector for malware unless the config isn't under your control. If you're worried about someone else's device, sure, that is an issue, but then this doesn't really change that, someone else's device is dangerous by definition.

I'm only saying in _theory_ this could be used for nefarious purposes.  Not that it's a real risk to the owner of the ipod.

As I understand it, such 'rubber ducky' applications are effectively tricking the computer into thinking a USB storage device is actually a keyboard, so can bypass restrictions on executing programs from such storage devices.  In _theory_ you could plug your innocent-looking ipod into Dr Evil's secret-lair's computer, and have it execute a script, as if you were typing it from the keyboard.

Mildly curious whether that patch makes possible the sort of thing the OP was asking about.


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