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any new ports?


Are there any new ports later than the AGPTEK Rocker?

As the current market turns, a new player will be on the market for, at most, a few months then it's gone. So, by the time a port is perfected, you can't buy one anymore. Therefore, the Rocker is no longer a practical choice.

I'm working on my second Clip Zip, and am nervous it'll die on me as 3 previous Sansa players have (my first Clip Zip still plays, but the display no longer lights up so I'm left in the dark! :)) My Fuze is just plain flaky and unreliable, and the oldest one, a C200, if I remember correctly also has a bad/unusable display.

Is there any hope of something newer and available where I can run Rockbox?

Thanks in advance!


Check out the posts in the "New Ports" section and try to pick up those players before they are sold out / discontinued. I just picked up the Hifi Walker H2 and Surfans F20. However, both manufactures are shipping with a new version of firmware now and Rockbox developers have to catch up again. You can downgrade the Surfans F20 to an earlier version released by Rockbox, but things could be broken like the line-out port.


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