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How to "Open Now-Playing folder" in file browser?


Hi all,
 Is there a shortcut or other method to navigate to current playing song in the file browser?

I'm not talking about pressing Select from the WPS screen to Return to the File Browser / Database.
I want to go to the containing folder of the 'Now playing' song regardless of where I was previously.

I normally filter my music selection using the database, but then want to find my selection in the file browser.


Not quite sure if this is what you are after but press and hold the Down key to list the tracks in the folder / playlist of the Now Playing track (with the Now Playing track on display).  This is an easy way to go play a different track in that folder / playlist.

Enable the "follow playlist" option.

Thanks for your comments.
  "follow playlist" option is the closest to what I was looking for.

Unfortunately, still need a few extra clicks if I'm coming from the database, but this is much better than before.

*File browser* -> WPS -> select (at now-playing folder)
*Database* -> WPS -> menu -> files -> play -> select (at now-playing folder)



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