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Last Fm logging Scrobbler


I've made the last fm logger into a plugin

--- Quote ---We have the ability to run plugins at start-up so you could simply run scrobbler at start up
(Settings > General Settings > Startup/Shutdown > Start Screen > Open Plugin:
--- End quote ---,54165.0.html

Last Fm Scrobbler

The Scrobbler plugin keeps a log of songs played and songs skipped

The plugin is TSR (Terminate and stay resident)
 it keeps a thread running to respond to playback events caches the track info and occasionally flushes data to disk

--- Quote ---TSR is a term from the days of DOS
return as though the plugin finished, but it remains in memory
--- End quote ---

There are some new options, to activate the menu run the plugin a second time
* Resume playback
resume playback at plugin start
while enabled if nothing to resume will bring you back to scrobbler menu

* Save threshold
0-100% when this percentage of time has elapsed the track will be marked (L)istened

* Verbose
Suppress messages such as 'Scrobbler Started' and 'Scrobbler Flushed'

Flush cache    Write track data to disk immediately
Exit Plugin   Quit the plugin
Back  exit the plugin but leave running (resident)


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