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[lastfm_scrobbler] plugin creates a *PANIC* when USB unplugs.

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Sorry for the late response.

The *PANIC* is reproducible, always. I've run the cube plugin and it happens the same as the lastfm and battery_bench plugin: the cube is turning, whin I plug the USB the cube disappears, the USB connection icon in the xDuoo appears and the computer does not detect the device. When I unplug it, the *PANIC* error appears.

It's not a big issue for me, I just have to remember to stop any plugin before I plug it to my computer.

Thank you for looking into it!

Thanks, no worries. I forgot to ask before - did you have USB Mode set to Ask? It's under settings -> general -> system. That is known not to work and might cause a problem like this. (That setting really needs to be removed...)

If it's not that, I think this probably a hardware-specific issue. There's a few things I could think of that might help, I'll post again when I have some fixes you can test.

Uh, whoops, I was going to post a build but I just re-read the thread and realized you are using an xDuoo x3ii. I thought it was an M3K; I must've gotten mixed up with the other scrobbler thread.

I don't have an x3ii, and it's a hosted port, so unfortunately the stuff I did won't help with your problem. I'd guess this bug could affect other hosted targets since they mostly have similar code. Do you have any other players you can test with?

Hi amachronic,

No, I have no other devices I can test this buid on. The USB mode is set on Mass Storage, by the way.


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