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[lastfm_scrobbler] plugin creates a *PANIC* when USB unplugs.

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I have trouble with the [lastfm_scrobbler] plugin. When it is running and the device is plugged via USB to the computer, the computer doesn't detect the device and it's inaccessible. If the USB is unplugged, it shows a *PANIC* mount: 0 error message. I can't unmount it before unplugging because the computer does not recognize the device. On the other hand, if [lastfm_scrobbler] is stopped and a USB pugged in, the computer detects the device, it can be mounted and files accessed. When it is unmounted and the USB unplugged, the device resumes its normal function.

The device is an xDuoo X3ii runing 2f71571c0a daily build, the last one as of today.

Can you try the battery_bench plugin and see if you can connect to USB while it is running?
it uses a similar mechanism and should tell us if its the device failing to notify USB or the plugin

I have tried it and it has the same behavior. I've checked that lastfm_scrobbler is not running, I turn on battery_bench and when the USB is connected, the computer does not detect it and there is a *PANIC* mount:0 when I disconnect the USB. If battery_bench is not running and neither lastfm_scrobbler is, everything is fine.

dhugas I think what this means is that the device is not sending USB events

could you try running Plugins>demos>cube and see if it exits on USB plug to see if maybe its just TSR plugins not getting events

*PANIC* mount:0 is from usb.c L265 so I can't see why the scrobbler would affect it... more likely it's noise from the usb unplug making the card detect look like the SD card is not present, possibly combined with a timing issue with the TSR threads.

dhugas is this panic reproducible or intermittent? and does it happen even if you disable the scrobbler?


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