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Surfans F20 "NAND open error"

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Thanks for the quick reply :)


--- Quote from: amachronic on August 07, 2022, 10:06:01 AM ---
--- Quote from: Ren on August 04, 2022, 03:10:03 AM ---I bought a Surfans F20 Player as well and I want to install the native port on it.
Is it save to proceed with the installation of the native port with the latest (v7) bootloader from this thread?
Flash info:
readID opcode  = FF C8 D1 C8
readID address = C8 D1 C8 D1
readID dummy   = D1 C8 D1 C8

--- End quote ---

This shows you have the GigaDevice flash (same as JosephM's) so yes it's safe to install with the v7 bootloader.

--- Quote ---I installed the ROCKbox native port from the v7 bootloader, after a success message I first booted into ROCKbox from the BOOT Menue, this worked.
Then I rebooted and I just got a flickering screen.
So I powered the device off by long pressing power.
A new press on power just gives me the flickering screen again...
So I loaded the v7 bootloader from command promt again...
I reinstalled ROCKbox and powered off after.
I pressed power again and all I got is a flickering screen again.
So I started the bootloader again and created a Flashdump and the info files again.
here are they

Then I restored the original bootloader. Now the player is working again with its original Firmware (not with ROCKbox sadly). I hope you will have success in getting the thing working with ROCKbox! If you need something else from me I try to provide it to you.

--- End quote ---

I don't know what the issue is, but if you try a few things it might help narrow things down:

* Go into the bootloader menu (hold volume up when powering on) and boot Rockbox - see if the LCD flickers
* Boot the original firmware from the bootloader menu - check if the LCD works
* Boot the original firmware by holding PLAY when powering onAlso if you could explain what you mean by the screen "flickering" that would help. Can you see the Rockbox logo or menus? Do they look corrupted? Or do you see randomly colored "noise"? Better yet, post a video of the problem if you can. It doesn't have to be great, as long as the problem is visible.

--- End quote ---

Greetings, I recently acquired one of these players, and I'm having trouble getting the bootloader flashed on the device. I can boot the bootloader, but the image on the screen is flipped and inverted?

These are the parameters:

--- Code: ---readID opcode  = FF EF AA 21
readID address = EF AA 21 00
readID dummy   = EF AA 21 00
sfc params0  = 06 05 04 03
sfc params1  = 02 55 AA 55
sfc params2  = 00 61 02 02
sfc params3  = B4 2F 00 00
--- End code ---

Any clue what changes I could make to get the screen to present properly, and get the bootloader to install to my device? I can provide any further info you need. Thanks.

That flash should be one of the supported ones. Could you try getting a backup dump (Bootloader > Backup)?

Try one of these builds to fix the LCD:

* Flipped:
* Inverted:
* Flipped + inverted:


--- Quote from: amachronic on April 09, 2024, 10:01:06 AM ---That flash should be one of the supported ones. Could you try getting a backup dump (Bootloader > Backup)?

Try one of these builds to fix the LCD:

* Flipped:
* Inverted:
* Flipped + inverted:
--- End quote ---

Thanks so much! The inverted version worked. Here is a backup of the bootloader:

Nice, now we just need to find out how to detect the LCD automatically. :) 

Are you able to flash that bootloader? If it still gives errors please post what it says.


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