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SD card in Gigabeat


I had a search on the forum for replacing the HDD in a Toshiba Gigabeat F with an SSD but everything seems to be mentioning CF cards, or CF to SD converters. Is there any particular reason people seem to be doing this rather than going for a straightforward ZIF-SD adaptor?

I was going to pick up a 40 pin ZIF to SD converter like the one in the link below but I don't want to waste money if there's a known compatibility issue.

The Toshiba F doesn't used a ZIF connector, probably the most important thing to think about as you'd need a 40 pin to ZIF converter cable as well (they definitely exist and I own a few my F series is modded right now.  :)

Outside of that, not all these ZIF to SD converters are created equal....the no name ones I tried twice over the years and they simply did not work for me.   iFlash generally a better bet but it will cost more for that but imo worth it versus rolling the dice with the no names.


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