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GBA Games on iPod Classic (6th or 7th gen) using iGPSP


I have already wrote this post,54224.0.html in which i asked if Rockbox developers could port iGPSP, an effective GBA emulator that runs only on ZeroSlackr, a fork of iPodLinux featuring a custom kernel, bootloader, app launcher, and multiple ported games and emulators, into RockBox which is a fairly simple task.

ZeroSlackr :

What i got from them is that this has been recommended enough over the last 15 years, (of that I am certain) and so far it has not been done or attempted by them (this last fact is a presumption), so now I have taken it as a personal project to take iGPSP and to port it into RockBox. I have the whole iGPSP code right here. and it is fully functional and completed, no errors. How could I take this completely functional code and put it into RockBox?

Thanks in advance,

Lets not start anymore threads on this topic, looking at your history you already have quite a few, so you can use one of those. 

As for your question, I would start by setting up the development tools and then experimenting with writing a basic plugin that writes to the screen, reads buttons and plays sound.  Once you understand how that works, start porting the existing library to use the plugin API to draw things to the screen, read button presses, etc. 


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