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IRC logs behaving oddly


All of a sudden, if I'm looking at the IRC logs (the IRC link to the left of this forum) and I click "next day" it won't show me the next day's log, it just tries to start downloading them - as if it was a download link - and never finishes.  Does it in both Firefox and Edge, but not in Chrome.  I assumed it was a stupid Firefox update glitch but it does the same using Edge browser as well.  Curiously, the 'previous day' link works normally.

I just tested this (whith firefox). For me it's not next day or previous day that triggers things, it's *today*'s log.

If I click the IRC link I see a page of dates, and usually the most recent date listed is yesterday's.  To see today's log I'd have to click on that first, then click 'next day'.  It's that next step where it goes awry.

(Could differing time-zones be a factor?)

Well, there is a "today's log" link above the numbered links. That one goes wrong for me as well, but what I mean is that if you pick a date further in the past (say a week ago), "next day" works fine.

Not that that helps in any way, I have no idea what goes wrong.

Now it works with Edge (swear that it didn't before).  Also works with Opera and Chromodo.  Still fails to work with Firefox - presumably it's a Firefox bug?


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