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Hardlink and tag modifier support


Wondering if it would be possible to implement a way to Hardlink music files to save space when a track is on multiple albums. Thinking if there was a way for the database to scan and recognize a text file (or something similar) with the location of the music file and the new tags to be used when playing the file through the shortcut....does that make sense? Not sure how else to explain it. If anyone knows what I'm talking about and can elaborate in a better way please do!  Thanks!

storage is cheap IMO it wouldn't be worth the complexity

Some of us that use flac might not agree...duplicating hundreds of megabytes per song is pretty silly imo.

If you mean automatically (the system detects and deduplicates files for you), not going to happen.

If you mean manually, you can do something sort of like that with playlists.

Ok thank you. Wasn't looking for a huge project, was hoping it was going to be a bit easier.


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