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Ipod classic 6th gen 99% installation

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--- Quote from: magorosmetro on May 01, 2022, 06:21:55 PM ---unfortunately when i connect the ipod with rockbox in the usb socket nothing happens. instead when I connect the ipod in "apple" mode the pc reads it /D

--- End quote ---

Same. So now I just put it in “apple mode” (just FYI that’s called the OF original firmware) whenever I need to connect it to the pc. There is a USB HID mode which allows for the iPod to send command to the computer like this from a keyboard or mouse. Maybe if you turn it off it’ll connect in rockbox mode? I tried but since I have an iPod 7g and not 6g it might be different

To turn USB HID on or off you will need to do (on the iPod in rockbox)

Home < Settings < General Settings < System < USB HID

I hope this helped.


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