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Using Creative Nomad/ZEN under Windows 7 x64 or later


As the title suggests, these are probably the latest driver and utilities for Creative Nomad Jukebox/ZEN series of digital audio players. Tested under Windows 7 and Windows 10 (x86/x64 Edition). This package is provided "as is", use it at your own risk.

Installation for legacy models (i.e. non-MTP)

1. Extract the driver package (.zip) on a PC/laptop running Windows, then connect your player through USB.
2. In Device Manager, choose your Nomad/ZEN player which shows up with an exclamation mark, then install the aforementioned driver manually (both ctpd1394.inf and ctpdusb.inf in the Jukebox 3 Drivers folder will work)
2. Install CMS5_PCAPP_LB_5_10_38.exe
3. Install CMS5_NJB2_PCAPP_LB_5_00_22.exe

Installation (optional) for MTP-enabled models
(e.g. ZEN Touch/ZEN Micro with PlaysForSure firmware, ZEN Vision, ZEN Vision: M...)

1. Install CMS5_PCAPP_LB_5_10_38.exe
2. Install CMS5_MTP_PCAPP_LB_5_00_36.exe

Installation for Dell Digital Jukebox
(also known as Dell DJ - Gen 1)

1. Extract the Creative CMS5 Installer with something like 7-Zip or WinRAR, then run Setup.exe found in the "Setup" folder. Otherwise it will refuse to install.
2. Install CMS5_NJB2_PCAPP_LB_5_00_22.exe
3. Manually install the Creative driver in the Device Manager. Choose "Nomad Jukebox ZEN NX" or "ZEN Touch" from the list. Other options are untested. 

Dell DJ (Gen 2) / Dell Pocket DJ with older firmware probably works, but it is strongly recommended to upgrade their firmware to "PlaysForSure" release, which effectively makes them MTP-compatible.

Players tested:
Nomad Jukebox 2/3, Nomad Jukebox ZEN (1394 variant), ZEN Touch (firmware v1.x), ZEN Vision, ZEN Vision: M, Dell Digital Jukebox (Gen 1).

Unsupported hardware:
Creative Nomad Jukebox (Gen 1, 2000) - requires different driver set, will probably upload it later.
Dell DJ (Gen 2) with MTP firmware - doesn't work even with MTP plugin installed.


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