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Iriver H320 -- Can it play on external power only? No internal battery?

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The iriver batteries are just a + and a - terminal to a lithium ion battery, so you could put almost anything in there that will fit.  No thermistor or microchips or anything like that. There are aftermarket ones on amazon though. 

Thanks!  The two dead ones I got were from Amazon vendors.

I tend to be very cautious about Lithium batteries.  I remember when they were being developed in the 80s and being described as potential hand grenades.  ;)

I may wind up giving that a try in the garage if I can't find any working batteries.  I suspect the various vendors at Amazon etc. are all drawing from the same stock.

Thanks again.

Here is an old post of me, about this situation and the solution I luckily discovered:,25598.msg172148.html#msg172148
The cfmode guide page still exists and the special bootloader for CF is still there for downloading: In my experience the bootloader was functioning OK without having to replace the hard disk with a CF card. I just don;t know if this old bootloader is compatible with newer features, eg. themes etc. I also I am not sure if it will succeed in charging by Rockbox and not by iRiver firmware. This happened with my H320, which was European version. Good luck!


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