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Booloader installation fails with Rockbox Utility v1.5.0 on Sansa Clip Zip


Fox Mulder:

I've always used the Utility to install Rockbox on my Clip Zip and never had any trouble, last time I updated was a year ago and it worked perfectly, however this new version gets stuck on the bootloader installation.

Here's the error log in case it's of any help;

I had to dig up Rockbox Utility v1.4.1 from a personal backup to be able to install the bootloader again. I'm aware you only need to do that once, but I flashed stock firmware because other person that wasn't familiar with Rockbox was using it for a while, also because it seems that stock had better FM reception, for some reason.


Ok, I can see the issue. Thanks for the log file, that really helped finding what's going wrong. Not completely sure what broke it though, will give it a look.

Btw, the Rockbox download website still has old version. No need to dig things up :)


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