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data abort at 4000d238 (0)

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Not sure how step to step you need beyond run the installer and choose the install option, but the manual is probably a good place to start.

Although some of the files/folders differed between the two versions, I ended up just copying the development version over the existing version. Then, I booted it up and all appears correct. Here's the rockbox info screen after the update:

Because the data abort error's intermittent (I've been running the ipod 24/7 for the past several days and I found the error two times when I checked it in the morning), unless you or another developer can spot the problem from what I've posted, it's going to take a few days' worth of testing to see if the new development version addressed whatever's causing the data aborts.

That was quick. Here's the new error:

Data abort at 4000d149 (0)
bt end

If it helps, I've identified the song file that caused the crash.


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