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data abort at 4000d238 (0)

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Running Rockbox v3.15 (current/latest version as of last week) on a 2003 vintage ipod with ~ 4,000 songs on it. Note: I replaced the 'pod's original 20 gig drive with an 80 gig drive 10-ish years ago.

Intermittently, while playing a mixture of .mp3 and ALACs I made or converted from CDs, the 'pod stops and I get a screen with this error:

data abort at 4000d238 (0)
pc: 4000d238  sp: 400029f8
bt end

I'm fairly certain the problem lies with the actual music files because it happens at the same point in each file. That is, after restarting, it begins playing the song BEFORE the one it crashed on, but crashes again with the same error when it moves to the next song (i.e., the song it originally crashed on).

I don't know if it's related, but when running on the standard Apple OS, the 'pod will occasionally play a few seconds of an ALAC and then skip to the next track and continue playing without any issues. This doesn't seem to be song related and if I skip back to the skipped ALAC and try it again, it always plays that ALAC fine on the second try.

First suggestion will be to try the current development build. Lots has improved since 3.15.

Your issue might already be fixed.

I downloaded the "rockbox" link from the Daily Development Builds page for the iPod 3rd gen:

But it's just a collection of files/folders without an installer .exe. Is this the wrong installer? Or, how do I install it over v3.15?

If you want an installer you can download rockbox utility. Otherwise if you are comfortable unzipping files yourself you can extract them over the install.

By the way, for future reference this is explained in the manual.

As for the iPod 3G since not many of those are still around there isn't a lot of information about modding them. I have no idea how well they'll work with a 3rd party drive. Other players have required additional development to add support for modded storage.

Thanks for the 3G info. In the years I've been using the 80 Gig drive, I've had no problems with it beyond Rockbox's "data abort" error we're discussing here and the intermittent skipping of some ALAC files when running the Apple OS (so far, I haven't experienced this with Rockbox). It's been awhile, but I seem to recall the skipping occurring with the original drive as well.

I've already got v1.5.0 of the Rockbox Utility.

Is there a step-by-step guide explaining how to install via the utility?


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